We’ve got a bunch of microphones to use for any and every situation.

Of course it’s our job to make you sound your best, and the right microphone choice is an important part of that.

Vintage microphones

  • Neumann U67 vintage valve mutli-pattern LD condenser mic
  • Neumann KM74 vintage SD condenser mic

Condenser microphones

  • Audio Technica AT5040 Quad rect. diaphragm LD condenser mic
  • Beez Neez Arabella Producer mutli-pattern LD condenser mic (U47 inspired)
  • AKG C414/C12 capsule mutli-pattern LD condenser mic
  • AKG C451/CK1 SD condenser mic
  • Beez Neez “LULU” FET condenser mics (2x)
  • Audio Technica AT4047 FET LD condenser mics (2x)
  • Audio Technica AT4041 condenser mics (2x)
  • OPR ELAM251 multi pattern valve LD condenser mic

Dynamic microphones

  • Sennheiser 441 dynamic mic
  • Sennheiser MD409 dynamic mic
  • Sennheiser E906 dynamic mic
  • Sennheiser E604 dynamic mics (3x)
  • Shure Beta52a dynamic mic
  • Audix D6 dynamic mic
  • AKG D112 dynamic mic
  • Beyer Dynamic M88 dynamic mic
  • Sennheiser E902 dynamic mic
  • Shure SM57 dynamic mics (3x)
  • EV RE10 dynamic mic

Ribbon microphones

  • Beyer Dynamic M-160 cardiod ribbon mic
  • Reslo RV